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Ray J – I Hit It First (music video)

April 30, 2013

When I 1st saw this posted all I could think of saying was “Are you kidding me???” Has-been, Ray J came out with an aparent diss track directed at Kanye West in the eve of he and Kim K. becoming parents. His song boasts proudly that

“I Hit It First…
I hit it first…
I hit it first…
I hit it first!”

Literally, there are no more lyrics to the chorus other than that as he speaks of making her famous with the sex video seen on damn near every computer screen around the world. If thats not embarrassing or unbelievable enough, this dumbass actually creates a music video for the song and gives it more than a college try. I mean one look at the damn thing and you can tell it had a budget. WTF is Ray J thinking?!?! Wasn’t it Jay-Z that stated that jealousy was a female trait? Check it out for yourself.

So did you see it? What did you think? PLEASE, IF YOU CAN FIND IT IN YOUR HEART ENOUGH TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW LOL!!!! To me, as a man, to me there is no worse thing you can do to your own character than to brag to another grown man that you have been with his current woman romantically. I mean what the hell did he expect to get from this stunt? Was he seeking to become once again relevant? I mean let’s be honest, his biggest claim to fame was us knowing him as the brother of Brandy lol. To Kanye and Kim, I say skip this guy and live your lives. Hell, they probably haven’t even heard this trash yet lol. To Ray J I say get a life, man! This is what happens when you have been rich too long SMH. (insert TMZ sound effect here lol) Read this, love this, spread this.

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