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The Ol’ Days – No Petro prod. King I Divine (mp3)

June 6, 2013

Chicagoans have been getting robbed at the pumps for years, but something tells us that we aren’t the only ones. Produced by the ATL native King-I-Divine, this song is for all that have felt the “pressure at the pump” and not always had enough to “fill er up.” Listen to this song and stick it to the man, but don’t forget to “STICK EM UP!”

BP, Citgo, Exxon, Hello
We Need Petro, Robbery Yolo
Even if you got a fourth in the tank, it’s not enough
If you got green in the bank, it’s not enough
Try to tell the fuckin Mayor that
It’s Not Enough, It’s Not Enough, It’s Not Enough

P.S. I am proud of our rap group for coming so far in so little time yet I am proud to say we aren’t taking any of our blessings lightly. As you can tell by the banner at the top we have the honor of opening for the legendary Slum Village rap group on June 14th at Chicago’s Reggie’s Rock Club! That’s gonna be a great night! If you are going to be in Chicago and would like to come see it live hit us directly for tickets at WE WILL SEE YOU THERE!!!

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