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Royal Entry – Listen To My Tape (EP)

May 14, 2013

My band mate Ki Of NC always has his hand in dope music so anybody he pushes my way I have to listen to and fast! His first artist he worked with back in NC and his right hand man Royal Entry has just released an EP “Listen To My Tape” one of the first releases under his new label. I personally know this guy lost sleep over this thing because his FB posts were always about not getting any lmao! Well it is hear and I for one like the piece as a whole. The samples used let you know that this is real hip hop! I always kid Entry about the fact that he sounds like Freddy Foxxx if he was from the south to me hahahaa! All kidding aside the flow is and always has been bananas! Tracks that stand out to me are “Listen To My Tape” and “Just Won’t Stop” incidentally the first and the last tracks on the EP. I only have 2 beefs with this solid piece of work and you guys who read this blog daily know one of them right off. The use of the “N” word as much as it was had me on edge but I gave my brotha a pass because he’s practically fam. In the future I suggest using it less, plus it adds another dimension to your project. Second, I really wished it was mixed better, I believe that if it was mixed better that the sounds would pop even more than they already do. Overall, good shit! Read this, love this, spread this.

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