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Slum Village – Forever (music video)

May 9, 2013

Slum Village is still here and still doing their thing. Despite beefs breakups and even deaths within the group they are still holding strong to some very core music/moral standards. Core member T3 begins with his verse and sets the mood for the entire joint followed by Young RJ, and little brother to the late J Dilla, Illa Jay. This song is about relationships and their complexities. How things can change so drastically so fast etc. Check it out and see what you get from it.

Just to let you guys know Slum Village has launched a several city tour in their quest to spread their new material. One of those cities is Chicago and I am happy to let you know that my group The Ol’ Days will be opening up for them at Reggie’s Rock Club on June 14th! We haven’t yet been out for a year but we see this as a tremendous honor and hope to hold it down in front of one of the most influential bands in our eyes.

We know you guys will be tempted to purchase tickets off the website but we as a group urge you to get them directly from us at for just $20 a piece! SEE YOU THERE!!!!!! Read this, love this, spread this.

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