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Tyler, The Creator – Rusty {Live On Letterman} With Domo And Earl (video)

April 5, 2013

“Now, we’ll never be able to open the teen center!” -David Letterman

I love late night shows, man. There is just a different type of charm to them because they have to have every walk of life on them whether or not they are familiar with the acts and sometimes the shit can be hilarious. HIP HOP infiltrated the David Letterman show in a big way with Domo and Earl Sweatshirt support Tyler The Creator on a live performance if his song Rusty off his latest album Wolf. I love how when Letter introduces the fellas how he gives this short pause after reading the name of Earl Sweatshirt’s name as to say “I couldn’t have made this up, folks!” Hahahaha. The performance is ill to say the least with some very lyrical verses from each of the guys. Check it out and see wassup.

I don’t know what got me the most the Temptations dance steps or Letterman’s short yet nervous rant at the end lol. One things for sure Wolf is a very dope piece of work and I bid you to go search it for yourself and check it out. You see, though brilliant Tyler and friends use the “N” word way too much for me to blog it unedited and it’s a sad thing but I have my preferences. Like I prefer NOT to be at a live show and have the moral dilemma of some white kid repeating the word “N___!” beside me lol. Moral dilemma, anyone? Yet and still dope music none the less. Read this, love this, spread this.

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