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Kill Swag – Meta P featuring Celph Titled (music video)

March 18, 2013

Kill Swag is a music video that speaks to the masses of rap cats and people in general that just don’t get it. Some people actually front for a living so in their minds all of their actions are validated no matter how much of a walking contradiction they are. In the video “Swag” is personified by the likes of a blinged out bear. I personally find that hilarious being I am from Chicago home of the Chicago Bears lol. Meta P is from Rhode Island so I pay it no mind (joking). In June 2012, Meta was named “Best Rap Act of 2012″ by the Providence Phoenix and has been featured in the Boston Phoenix, East Bay Newspapers and Fox Channel 12 in Providence. He has also been seen on stage with acts such as Onyx, Action Bronson and Raekwon and appeared on tracks not only with Celph Titled but Apathy and DJ Doo Wop among others. Although I wish the animation was better for this piece the song itself was dope and very real if you ask me. Many could learn from it so I do my part by spreading it! Read this, love this, spread this.

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