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#DillaLegacy: !llmind – “Happy B-Day Dilla” (EP)

February 13, 2013

“J Dilla, what more can I say about the man that hasn’t been said already. He’s one of the greatest. When I started messing with beat making in the late 90’s, he was the one producer I studied. I still study him, to this day. During a time period of about 5 years, I was in “beat-making-boot-camp”, or “5 beats a day for 3 summers” as Kanye would say. I trained my ear and was inspired by Dilla the whole time. This is a collection of 4 beats (out of thousands) that I made during that time period. I hope you enjoy! Rest in power J Dilla. Forever.” —-!llmind

Dilla recently celebrated a birthday and I do mean celebrated. He may be gone but not even close to being forgotten. The legacy of music he left is STILL influencing hip hop and always will. He was so far ahead of the cure that some of our BEST and most talented producers find it hard to mimic his beats. I will tell you this, those that truly respect the G.O.A.T will leave that honor with him and create Tributes if anything. Here is one by the great ILLMIND. Humility will get you so far, especially when you are already great. Enjoy this:


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