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Skyzoo – Spike Lee Was My Hero ft. Talib Kweli (music video)

January 23, 2013

Aiite so check this out ever since my father took me to see Spike’s Films as a child and I have been old enough to check em out and buy them on my own, I have been a fan of the man’s work. When I started directing myself he became my idol and somewhat of a hero as well. Everybody close to me knows this. Hell, even when I was like 12 or 13 kids and adults alike called me Spike Lee hinting that I looked like him as well lol. Coming from his acclaimed album, A Dream Differed, this music video here I feel connected with in a special way. I am a big fan of Skyzoo and his rise as an artist starting out on 106th and Park to now him putting visuals to one of my favorite songs Spike Lee Was My Hero. The other thing monumentous about the track is that it’s beat is produced by my personal friend Tall Black Guy!!! I have had the honor of working with this guy on several occasions from time to time and I am so proud of his exploits to date! Check the music video out and fall in love with a work of art, follow the man behind the songs message and watch all of his films, most most of all, dig the song and the music as a whole! Behind The Scenes Here! Read this, love this, spread this.

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