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January 1, 2013

Look, the new year is here and to those of you that have been following our blog you know that this was coming. A comprehensive list of the best 30 music videos out of over 200 that we have have blogged during the year of 2012! It was a hard job to do but it was worth it to not only plug the artists we love but to also turn some of our newer readers on to some good music with great visuals. Check it out and if you like it, remember not only to spread the video link but rather the entire blog link. This way we get the hits on our site and can keep givin yall dopeness!!!

Shouts to my bandmate Ki Of NC for not only for introducing me to such dope music but also being the one that crafted the beat these guys are rapping on. If there is anything I know about people he messes with, I would bet these guys are just as humble yet talented as he. Dig this feel good music and see doesn’t it do a number on your mood as well. The music video though simple, was effective and done well. Months after I originally blogged this video it actually aired on MTV! Dope, right?!?!?

I love the dude’s shirt in the last video lol. It says “DON’T BRO ME IF YOU DON’T KNOW ME” Hell, I couldn’t have said it betteR myself. Tyler the Creator has been NUTS for a long time and he doesn’t hesitate to let us know his true feelings about his dad song after song. This particular cut, “Sam Is Dead” has a very cinematic feel to it with stunning videography.

Also I am proud to say Tyler’s acting just keeps on improving. This guy deserves to be rich and sell tons of records, I just pray his lyrics never reach my child’s ears lol!

So we go from seeing a music video riddled with guns and violence to a young man rapping about stopping it. That’s the beauty of this blog, it is just as diverse as the people who make the hip hop that we post and plug. Thank God the new year because I think I echo in the sediments of many of those in Chicago when I say I am sick of it being a record-breaking year as far as the murder rate is concerned. SeVen1 is an artist that was touched by the violence in his native city of Chicago as well.

Tired of the countless bullets claiming young lives SeVen1 told me via FB, “If it’s on my heart I’ll put it on paper.” Thank, God he did just that.

SeVen1 spent some time with me on the Grand Theft Audio show as well. Click the pic below to check it out!

These guys are called Overdoz and they have tons of music out and tons of dope music videos! This is one of my favorites. All that know me know I love me some smoker songs lol. I have no idea why and I don’t smoke either at ALL but check these cats out and see if you don’t become a fan as well. SHOUT OUT TO CALI!!!!!

What is the first thing you think when you look at the picture above and you read the title, “It’s Over”? Do you think the guy in the pic is giving his girl a last kiss after a rewarding yet short relationship that just ended by his hand on the football field? Or maybe you’ve surmised that the girl broke the news to him and in a last fleeting effort to salvage a failed relationship he passionately steals a last kiss in a last ditch effort to rekindle something. One thing is for sure, you’ll never guess what happens for real…you better watch it first. This music video comes from a very talented director that I can say I had the pleasure to work with by the name of Rik Cordero. This great piece of music however comes from Jared Evans‘ EP that dropped a few months ago. If you’re like me and have been sleep on this artist, now is the time to wake up. Thanks for this one, D-Que. Download ‘The 4th Chapter’ EP HERE!

When I first found this next video it was at 114 hits. Now it is at 13,211. This can be partial proof of how dope it is, or you may take our blogs in the past and give us credit as a team for picking good music. Or and I think this is the best, see for yourself. Why do I feel like I see a suited and booted Buff 1 in the joint? Real fans will know. What I love about this video is that it is just as tight as the song is…a perfect work of art.

I have been a fan of Flying Lotus for as long as I have been watching Adult Swim. All the true fans know what I am talking about instantly or will google that and find out respectively. When I heard talks about him doing a collab with Erykah Badu I knew it was going to be tight, but when I heard he was making a short film to go along with the joint…I lost it!!!

Dancer Storyboard P features moves I have never seen before in this short film directed by Kahlil Joseph with visuals so striking you wish it were longer than merely just short of 4 minutes long. His album will be hot, and it will come soon so look out. This is some “City Of God” type shit here.

If you have no idea about Earl Sweatshirt allow me to bring you up to speed. This guy is one of the members of recent underground sensations Odd Future and toted by it’s members as one of the illest lyricists there is. While the group reached mega stardom and enjoyed the fruits of years of being unknowns, Earl ironically took some time off from the group for personal matters.

Lead member Tyler The Creator even went on the record to say that Earl’s album was even greater than ILLmatic! That’s saying alot, I know, but the guy is outstanding with his words. Click play and watch the visuals for “Chum” a very dark and twisted look at the artist’s life from his POV. Read this, love this, spread this.

“Never No” is the first single off of J. Pinder’s full length album Careless and it’s a banger! I am and have been a fan of this guy since he dropped his free EP, “Code Red” a bit ago but this one you are gonna have to pay for and for good reason. ITS SUPER HOT!

Music video wise, this is cinematography at it’s absolute best! One youtube search on this guy and it will yield a ton more music videos that are just as good, a full catalogue of great music and great music videos. This makes me want to shoot a music video right now!!!

Kooley High is one of my favorite groups and that is simply because they consistently put out dope music along with some of the most creatively shot music videos. Not just that, but they do it consistently! Don’t believe me? Let google be your guide.

This video represents the fact that you don’t have to necessarily even like a song beforehand but dig it just because of the music video you saw. I wasn’t particularly a fan of this particular song here, but add the visuals to the joint and WHOAH!

Ki Of NC gave me a music video earlier this year and simply said, “Rookie when I saw this music video I thought of you.” He knew for a fact that I would like it and I had my mouth dropped the entire time I watched it in front of him. This has got to be one of the dopest song/videos I have seen ALL YEAR by far! The song belongs to Dizzy Wright a guy I have never heard of, yet I see I will have to do my research. Swizzz is another I haven’t heard of but wears some really freaky contacts that make his eyes look blackened.

Speaking of freaky contacts, the only guy I actually KNOW and am a fan of is Hopsin and he wears white contacts. I usually HATE trap beats but this one goes HARD! The lyrics are dope, all of the artists go between double-time rapping and regular as they spit about not needing major labels in order to make money in business. The independent life is something that is becoming more and more attainable for the average artist so now you’re gonna have an influx of rappers and producers lol. As a result, it becomes harder to find dopeness. Here at Rookie TV, we got you!

Uptown XO (of Diamond District) dropped the “The Color Grey” mixtape back on October 1st and he is STILL droppin’ music videos from that joint :). I was a fan of this guy instantly when I first blogged his first solo music video and I believe this will catch even stronger as he is hella talented and consistently puts out simple, yet solid visuals for his songs. Also, I love message music! Much love as he has done it yet again!

A while back at like 2 or 3am I was up after doing Grand Theft Audio trying to save the show in order to blog it and Ki Of Nc hits me with this video out of nowhere saying, “WHOA!!!! First time hearing them…and I became a FAN!” I watched the video, and was converted as well!

This is Clear Soul Forces and to me they are like Detroit’s Pac Div. This is their music video for “Get No Better” the 1st single off Detroit Revolution(s) Prod. by KanKick and Directed by Richard Taylor. These guys show real promise as far as longevity and just an all out dope as hip hop group. Keep it up family!

Maaaaaaaaaan my mans, Ki Of Nc has been hooking me up with dope music all year! I am like man take a break man, my head hurts from all this rocking out!! This is a joint he gave me minutes before I was to be at my own hip hop show Grand Theft Audio and when I heard it I was blown away! I even played it on the show. See what you think. Oh, and before you watch ScienZe the cat rapping looks just like my bandmate Ki Of NC hahahahhaa!!!

You peep out how the one girl in the grey hat knows ALL the damn lyrics to the damn song? Amazing! Them cat’s just came off a nice sized tour so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a hype-woman at a show or two lol! Oh and the guy King I Divine the producer of the tack has a beat on me and Ki’s album 1979 so look out for that joint! Our boys The Whoevers are steady killin’ it over here in Chicago after the release of their acclaimed mixtape, RedTape. Here they give us a visual shot on location in Las Vegas in the middle of the desert with a BBQ pit and visions o tittie bars….Mmmmmmmmmm….Ok my bad yall, I am back lol.

Check the video out and then afterwards DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FROM THE LINK HERE. You’re welcome. Read this, love this, spread this.

In my opinion Phonte came out with one of the best albums of 2011, real talk. His joint “Charity Starts at Home” bangs in my ipod so often that it may be the last thing I listened to if I click on the damn thing this very minute. Ironically, “The Good Fight” is one of my favorite songs on the album. With these visuals coming from director Kenneth Price this Phonte track produced by 9th Wonder is brought to life in performance scenes and beautiful cut aways. Bravo Phonte.

Video reminds me of how I felt after I got canned from one of my former jobs. Damn, what a struggle it was! Speaking of the Black Man’s struggle it’s actually something White America tries to play down and forget and Blacks are a victim of everyday. This visual brought to you by Chicago MC Add 2 paints a picture of racial tension at it’s worst as we have grown to know it in America. One thing is for certain, America wouldn’t be America if it weren’t for the slave trade and the cotton industry and my mom always taught me to acknowledge those who help me. Maybe one day America will, but until then I love when pieces like this are made because it reminds people where we came from, and why racial tolerance is not just a goal, but a necessity.

Just when I thought there was nothing that can come out of Milwaukee thats good other than beer “The Back Up” ft. Logic & Mike Carpenter (Cuts by JDL Rockwell) is the 2nd single from AUTOMatic’s 3rd album, “Art Imitates Life” comes out and makes me re-evaluate. These guys sample some of who they sound like…a young TCQ possibly. Check em out and see if you like it.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib feat. BJ The Chicago Kid This is the follow up video to “Thuggin’” directed by Jonah Schwartz and presented by Madlib Invazion and DD172 Films. Freddie can’t help but have dope music videos. This one is no exception. I was a little late on this one…but not by a lot. Grab The Album HERE.

I love a good well executed low budget music video. I see this “cop interrogation” scenario played out on film often but rarely done this well. The subtitles and the sound-bytes give for a great touch to it as well. As for as the song, the beat is bananas and Koncept killed it. Nothing else ;left to be said lol.

You ever see a music video that just made you say, “DAMN!” or if your an artist make you wanna pick up a pen and pan and step your game up? Or if you are a director make you want to only fuck with people with a certain budget? Well this video is that and Chuuwee killed it!

Set for the murder of Julius Caesar this music video was masterfully made real by the people of @AmalgamDigital in a way that makes it seem as if Chuuwee was toting dagger with the rest of those who took the leader out LOL! Chuuwee “Glorious Revolution” #CrownMeKing FREE mixtape/album available via @LiveMixtapes ( I been a fan for a long time.

I was put up on these guys from a friend of mine. I clicked it reluctantly and BAM! I was floored! These guys are so lyrical it hurts my ears.

The beat is craftily chopped on some shit that I have never heard before and all and all the song comes full circle with a dopely-produced music video pulled off by a man by the name of Thisisbutta.Press play and thank me later…right now I gotta thank my friend. Thanks Tasha.

This video right here is the perfect example of how you can take already great music and make it even more entertaining with a equally as great music video. Could you tell that this is Christian rap? I couldn’t at first listen. Good music is good music and I am a fan now.

I was totally caught off guard by this song and when I got to about 20 seconds in I was already knowing I would blog the damn video…by the time I got to a minute in I found out this was apart of an entire album that was for free download. “Soul Clap” is the 2nd visual release from Signif’s Embracing Rejection LP Presented by Hip Hop is Cool Again, Kevin Nottingham, and The Mad Bloggers.

Produced by Tay Lee, the track hits harder than a mallet with a simple horn sample and a damn nice drum pattern. All and all a solid piece of work, Signif spits her heart out on this track and spreads knowledge at the same time. Edutainment at it’s best. I love how simple, yet clean the music video is. It does much to compliment the music and artist as well.

All that talk about my band mate Ki and you didn’t think I would put our own music video as well lol? The first single from Chicago hip hop group The OL’ Days, “The Old Days” is an attempt to go back to when hip hop was alot more honest and heartfelt. The visuals take place smack dab in the middle of Chicago’s south side during a family reunion/BBQ.

Ki Of NC and I kicked it with the family like they are apart of the festivities as well and had a ball! We actually are slowly trying to catch up with the family little by little to show them the finished product. R.I.P. J Dilla! Enjoy and look for more soon from The Ol’ Days.

Directed By: Rookie_Chi
Produced By: Ki Of NC

Download it FREE here!

Classic Chicago video here! Cats walking around in the cold spitting lyrics. DOPE!

I was on facebook almost a year ago to this date in the wee hours of the morning when thanks to my friend Tall Black Guy I heard an r&b track that re-instilled my love for r&b with one song. I clicked play and not only did the song sound hot right off, but the animation implemented in the music video was stunning to say the least. The track which features Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele on vocals—is the lead single from Glasper’s album Black Radio.

When I shoot a music video, I try to get it as close to a film is possible. This means ascetic shots with great angles, dynamic pans, and even secret after effects on the video to make it look even closer to cinema than your local theater. Torae’s, “For The Record” did just that and in only a little under 4 minutes, too. This music video is for the title track off Torae’s album “For The Record”. Available now! This almost flew under my radar, but I am glad it didn’t.

I am proud to say that this is one of the most amazing music videos I have seen this year and I am glad it goes to a mid-west cat. 14KT been killing the game of beats and hip hop for years man and it’s good to see him getting his due shine, or at least some shine.

“Blessed” was basically all shot on a random Sunday. Andy (film director) and I just grabbed the camera and press record. Most of the video wasn’t planned. I wanted to give everyone a mini-photo album of candid “normal” moments that I get to experience daily. As “normal” as these things may look, many people don’t get the opportunity to experience what many may consider a “normal” life. Hence the title, Blessed. “


Here is a very creative take on a music video for an instrumental. Dopeness! If it sound familiar, thats because it was on Skyzoo’s latest album. Such a dope project!


So look this is our blog and if I wanna post a video I directed I can ok lol! Nah this is that homie Rashid Hadee and to tell you the truth the guy made Chicago history when he made a music video for every track on his 11 track album. What a feat?!?! The album was classic material and highly underrated and I was honored to have had a chance to direct 2 of them. Peep this one out featuring Spqher shot in front of the same church Candyman was shot and feel it!

Well that wassup, brand new year and a brand new host of music videos! Hell, I myself have alot I will be putting out myself so make sure you follow ya boy on twitter at @rookietv1. Thanks for reading us but also please continue to read us as we will continue to put out only the freshest and funniest blogs daily. Remember to spread us if you like us SUBSCRIBE to this blog, and hit us with your submissions as well at Read this, love this, spread this.


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