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December 31, 2012

So it is the end of the year and time to not only move on to 2013 with bright eyes and a bushy tail, but time to reflect upon the times we’ve had and the things we have gotten through in 2012 that have made us laugh, cry, and cry from laughing. Painstakingly carefully (not REALLY!) I went through all the blogs of 2012 (slow internet makes it more difficult than it has to be) and came up with a comprehensive list of the funniest ROOKIE TV BLOGS OF 2012. Check it out!

This video is of a 2 ladies on a field trip to see Los Lobos play…yet they manage to do everything BUT watch basketball. All I gotta say is this chick right here is funny as hell.

Man, puppets are great to me! I mean half of all the programs my kid watches on TV is filled with puppet actors and he loves them from Sesame street to Barney the Dinosaur. This puppet Peanut tho, I will NEVER let my son see because he is maaaaaaaad gutter son!!

What do I mean by “gutter”? Well for starters he loves to drink, smoke weed, and in this particular episode he gets his little puppet rocks off with a hood rat LMAO! This is mad hilarious! Sorry to my son Chill though…this definitely AINT for the kiddies or the faint of heart lmao.

WARNING: Do not judge by the thumbnail, this is no white guy in black face, but rather funny man Affion Crockett doing the 1 man show even better than the king Eddie Murphy.

I have no idea who he mimicked better, Lil Wayne Or Jay-Z LOL. Here is 1ST single from his comedy album “WATCH THE CLONE” written and produced by he. In short…this SHIT is funny as heck man hahahaha!

Allow me to introduce you to a few well known YOUTUBE comedians. First we have Spoken Reasons, one of my favorite and funniest cats on the web right now. He’s got some very funny ideals and a southern accent that will have you crying with laughter. Then we got Lil Zay Zay the self-proclaimed 5yr old comedian. Yes you heard me, 5yrs old and he’s got the videos to prove it Shouts out to Jo Jo too hahahaha!

These two team up to show the world how something like spilled milk can mean the world to a little kid, and how if you got no kids, you probably should stay smart and KEEP it that way lmao. Read this, love this spread this.

Ever been in church and one of the elders is moved to sing even though she can’t sing worth a damn and everyone still supports her? You Baptists know this situation all too well lmao! “Sing it sister Libra!!!” This right here is not only an example of how NOT to sing, but also how NOT to make a good music video. There is so much wrong with this picture that I know not where to start lol. This lady sounds like a squirrel has been put in the headlock and tickled at the same time and ALL while using a Nokia cell phone as a studio mic. Dear Prophetess Libra…for the love of Jesus…STOP SINGING!

Billy Sorrells & Deric Evans are two comedians who have taken it upon themselves to make a PSA if you will for us men. When you are a man there are a few (ahem) unspoken rules that need to be followed otherwise your logic (or lack there of) sexuality, and or sexual preference will be questioned.


Catch the wrong cat and he may ask his question with a fist to the mouth. Yup, it’s just that serious…but funny as hell at the same time. WARNING: There are more of these (evil laugh)!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you slept with a girl and the next morning contracted super powers? Well, I haven’t either but these guys did!

DeStorm is crazy, and this song is about just that and add a ton of special effects to it as well and the project is not only solid, but damn funny. Watch this and see if you think about Superheros the same afterwards.

Ever had a paper you were working that you were so engrossed in when suddenly the program shuts down w/out you pressing anything before you can save your progress? AAARRRRRGGGHHH!! We all know how this feels! FL Studio aka Fruity Loops is a beat making program made famous by alot of big time producers such as 9th Wonder. I think this guy would like to trade in his copy of the program after this mishap.

Here we have a fellow nerd that is making a beat, before you giggle at the corny nature of the beat itself, note that THIS may be one of the better beats this guy has ever made LOL. Well, at least he acts like it. There are freak out videos all over the net but I must say this is one of the funniest one’s I have ever seen! Poor Guy. Hilarious.

I am always going through alot of drama with trying to bring up my son and the people that notice it always have questions. Mostly, “How do you deal with all that drama, I mean if it were me I don’t know if I could handle it.” I would like to answer that right now. I don’t want MY boy to turn out like THIS boy. This kid makes Richard Simmons look masculine, Little Richard look like Lil’ Wayne, and Boy George look like…well, you guys get it RIGHT?!?!? We have nothing or no one to thank for this clip but the lack of a father and Nicki Minaj filling that void SMH.

Watch at your own risk, but just allow me to confess this. I was literally on the floor cracking up at this when I 1st saw it. The level of comedy MAY be dangerous to some lol.

The title says it all on this one! SHIT BLACK MOM’S SAY and I swear this dude couldn’t be more on point with it if he traded in that wig he has on for a blonde lace front hahaha! This dude looks like Florence the cleaning lady on “The Jefferson’s” with that wig on LOL!

This joint is absolutely hilarious and I swear if you are true to the comic’s purpose, you will laugh even more. This means if you don’t have a Black mom, watch it for enjoyment but don’t try to own it. I mean unless you grew up with one you have NO idea trust me hahaha. The one that cracked me up was when he was talking on the phone and…well I won’t ruin it! Click play and enjoy.

What would you do if you suddenly won the lotto? Add-2 answered this hypothetical question but in a way I doubt many would have admitted to Hahahaha! The always lyrical but sometimes funny Add-2 shows us his goofy side with the music “Bring Em Out” a comical look at what could happen if the rapper was millions of dollars richer. This music video is wildly hilarious so check it out.

Remember Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson? You know, the two youtube sensations that made that song “She Ratchet” the song that put ghetto rats on full blast as far as doing waaaaaay too much?

Well turns out these guys are film makers and comedians as well. Here we have a short film they completed titled “Lunchtime Warfare” taking us back to the days of the popular kids and free lunch.

Of ALL the hilarious videos I have seen all year thus far THIS one takes the cake! I don’t know if this is really from the Obama staff or what but I know that is REALLY Samuel Jackson and he is in RARE form cussin’ and all! I love the creativity of it, the production value of it, but all and all I love the comedy of it more than anything!

the guy puts on this youtube video of a commercial with a Sox fan and a Cubs fan going back and forth and the damn thing had me in stitches because that is really how we fans are LMAO. WE HATE ONE ANOTHER!

When the Sox play the Cubs pay close attention to the stands, forget the players, thats where the real entertainment is. Shoutout to my dude and fellow Sox fan Big DAVE because we just got through talking about this very phenomenon at the Cubs game we just went to.

I make jokes about Justin Beiber just like the rest of America but you gotta understand, if we ALL are joking on the poor guy, how the fuck is he still making so much money through record sales?!?! Oh, well, I will find he hypocrites later, but for now let’s continue to laugh at the little fruit cup hahahaha! Here we have a parody of his song, “As Long As You Love Me” has 98 MILLION hits BTW who the hells watching it if NONE of you guys love it lmao?!?!) and let me tell you this is hilarious!!!

It is all about a skinny kid that loves snacks! I know alot about that right there. Download this song for free HERE!

Being a man is not very complex…at least to MOST of us. Here is a short clip of one of the unspoken “Man Laws” that gets broken and the consequences of that mistake as well. I give you, CHECK YO NUTS #2. This is funny as hell people!

This is such a funny video , I think I will just let yall watch and see for yourself. Mic Terror going HAM on smoking and having fun while he does it SMH.

This is some of the funniest toons I have seen in a long time. Hahahahahaha! The guy sounds just like Wiz Khalifa too! Take a load off and enjoy this hilarious toon and laugh your ass off, I know I did.

Last but not least on my list I give you Sean P lol. P is the man! He has an album out on Duck Down called “Mike Tyson” and the guy some call Ruck decides to play tennis during his downtime with his partner Dru-Ha. This is more funny than I can explain or can even attempt to.


While looking through the many blogs of 2012 I saw something that I had missed. Something that in putting out blog after blog I overlooked. My cousin, Big DAVE’s Pizza Monster commercial he was in came out. He has talked about this to C-Dub and I many times and even mentioned it on his sports podcast BAWL, but I had no idea it came out. This has got to be some of the silliest shit I have ever seen before and that is exactly why you are gonna watch it now Hhahahahaha!

“So a few weeks ago a friend asked me to be a part of a commercial they were doing and I said sure. I had alot of fun doing this and what I liked most about it is this took me COMPLETELY out my comfort zone.” ~Big DAVE

Cheers everyone, happy holidays and happy new year because 2013 will bring much more of the same, just BETTER! Read this, love this, spread this!!!


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  1. January 1, 2013 5:30 pm

    All of these were hilarious except for Mic Terror lol. My favorite is Dave “This is unbecoming of people!” lol



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