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A Taste Of Christmas Soul Vol​.​2 – Dion Brown & Ki Of NC (beat tape)

December 27, 2012

I may not dig the Holidays, but I love the X Mas hip hop that inspired artists put out. Whether they do it for promo or just to spread cheer through music I love to see how they were moved to create something that moves during the holidays.

Well once again ,it’s that time of year to where we give thanks,& by doing that me & a few friends have dusted off a few crates for Christmas.On this beat journey with me is Ki’ of NC,Fathhom 9(Brotherhood of Doom),KIZA,Bad Table Manners (Cool D’s little brother),Life Line Eternal(Vortx of Distorsun),T.Brown,CooL D,Dion Brown(Joe Left Hand Records)

Peep out the music from all of these guys collectively and individually as well. Hell, one of them (Ki Of NC) I actually am in a rap group with. Enjoy, you guys, and be safe. Music calms even the savage beast.

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