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KaliRaps – Sandy’s Song (Sandy Hook Elementary School Tribute)

December 26, 2012

Well Christmas has came and finally went and all the kids who received gifts are playing contently as the parents and adults finally get a moment of quiet to themselves. Sadly there are a great deal of kids who never got to so Christmas of 2012. Of course the ones I speak of are the young victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre. Rapper and doting father, KaliRaps took it upon himself in a selfless act of mercy to go into the lab and lace a bittersweet song for the victims of that shooting young and old.

“I couldn’t imagine losing my nine year old daughter or 4 year old son to such violence, I was compelled to record a heartfelt tribute to the victims and their families.” ~KaliRaps

Check out the song as it is a very earnest look at the lives of those who were directly effected from the outside in. I think it is produced well and very poetic. The honesty in this song shines through and I hope many if not all hear it.

If you are touched by the song, and or can feel how those families that had to bury their Children right before Christmas then donate to help them as the proceeds will ALL go to them in need.

“If my music moves you to help, 100% of the proceeds from this track is going to help the families affected by this tragedy,” he said. “Sandy’s Song” is now available internationally via iTunes. ~KaliRaps

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