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80’s BABIES – News Flash featuring Thaione Davis (music video)/We Shall Not Be Moved (album)

November 8, 2012

The 80’s Babies are baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! After a bit of a hiatus Tall Black Guy and Dee Jackson bless us with the fruits of their labor once again. Their last album was “Sonic Music” and it was phenomenal, this one doesn’t fall short at all!!! I talked to Dee Jackson via phone and FB and I think he knows how excited I am about this album. Last album I completed a music video for the guys entitled I Wanna Talk To You. On this one not only is Chi-Town spitta, Thaione Davis on the track but he did the music video as well. Check it!!

Classic Thaione style video there. Now it is time for you to check out the album. I am telling you, with Dee Jackson’s impeccable delivery and Tall Black Guy’s melodic beats this is STILL a hip hop match made in heaven. These guys need to blow up. Check it out now and thank me later, and don’t forget if you are in Chicago to check the joint out LIVE hosted by Rookie TV, you know, Big DAVE and I? Yeah…SLT! Shouts to everybody that had something to do with this album. This Friday it goes down!!!! Read this, love this, spread this.

P.S. Look for me to review this soon, I just been SUPER busy!!!

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