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Coolout Chris – B​-​Sides, Bootlegs, & Unreleased Music (album download)

October 11, 2012

One of my very good friends and fellow artists Coolout Chris is one humpin’ MF man! Number one he is a rapper, spits with ease. On the flipside he is a beatmaker, MAKES BANGERS ALL DAY. Lastly but not least he is a C.E.O. putting together one of the better compilation albums of the year in my opinion. I swear the guy is always working on something big! Here we have a compilation of artists he has worked with and is currently working with under the fitting name of Urbanized Music. The artists range from The Primeridian, to ANG 13 and even the DJ of Grand Theft Audio Dj Xtra_Manish.

It is an honor to say I have recorded and also shared the stage with this guy. I can’t wait until all that music comes out. Shout out to his beautiful and equally talented wife Amina as well that represents on the joint RAW! This album definitely goes hard and it’s not even limited to only Chicago MCs. Noble M.C. is from Africa and rapping entirly in French. How about that?!?! Do yourself a favor and check this out, then download it…you’d be crazy in the head not to. Way to go Coolout Chris! Read this, love this, spread this.

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