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When Will The Violence Stop In Chicago??? by @RookieTV1

September 12, 2012

The other day I was on twitter and got a very interesting tweet. Interesting because it made me laugh at first and then afterwards it kinda made me think. Here’s what she said.

It is no secret that the violence in Chicago is crazy. Actually every summer it’s apeshit over here but this year, the summer of 2012 was some of the worst in history. Even at the beginning of the summer the killing was at an alarming pace that seemed to be on it’s way toward creating a few records. This is why I just ignore the news all together.

All the violence was giving us a bad rap (no pun intended at all), but this happens every year. Honestly, I usually give it 3weeks from the time of the 1st warm day in Chicago before I start going outside to chill due to the random violence every year. The thing that made it so alarming this year was the volume of random murders. The news even started putting up charts/graphs that showed geographically the concentration of the murders with a map sprinkled with colored dots that signified shootings/killing. The nightmare had begun!

I had a guest on my hip hop show Grand Theft Audio by the name of Seven1. He had a music video that spoke fathoms about the current state of madness going on in Chi-Town Illinois. Shot by the very talented Leon, the music video was called “Death Of Drillin’ and it seemed more like a film than a music video. SeVen1 made the song after the record-breaking Memorial Day Weekend where over 40 people where shot and 10 killed. The word “Drillin'” isn’t even in the urban dictionary but it basically refers to the act of killing (using a gun), usually for no good reason. Check out how he becomes somewhat of a street prophet as he professes to the kid on the bike.

I spoke with him (SeVen1) and even gave him a ride home and it seemed as if we were both two brothers in the same city on the same side that where both effected by the violence enough to wanna help in any way. We wanted to help in ANY way we could even it was in the form of a song or a mere blog. Little did I know that the things Seven1 spoke of would take more of a literal meaning a little bit later in the summer in an eerie way as his references would SOON become real.

“Chief Keef aint comin’ to your funeral and I aint carrying caskets/ These rap N____ aint father figures, you’re better off bein’ a bastard.”


Reverse the clock back to the beginning of the summer when the hip hop community was buzzing because of a young man being signed to a major deal in a big way. The 17-year-old (at the time), Chicago-born Chief Keef — whose real name is Keith Cozart — signed a record deal in June with Interscope, the same rap label of superstars including Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Eminem and Diddy. Shortly afterwards, young Keef had gotten significant attention after Chicago’s Kanye West jumped on his song, “Don’t Like” on a remix that catapulted the rapper to a 2 million dollar deal, and his own record label. This was humongus to Chicago’s hip hop community because for years the constant complaint was that we were being overlooked while our sound became “type-casted” in a sense.

Fellow Chicago Rapper Lupe Fiasco was not at all impressed by the youngin’s success and rather stated that he was “…scared of what Chief Keef represents.” Here in an interview with Aj Showtime and DJ Angelbaby on their radio show the #RAPATTACK he sheds light on Chicago’s rap scene as it is in his eyes in the wake of Keef’s rise to stardom. Note that this came shortly after Lupe broke down in an interview with MTV when speaking with Sway on the past.

Joseph Coleman aka “Lil JoJo”

Alright, so finally we get to the meat n potatoes of the subject as we insert fellow rapper Jo Jo into the scenario. In a time where the dominant music that is taking the world by storm now is called “Drillin’ Music” or “Trap Music” Jo Jo thrived modestly enough in his own way with his brand of music and even got the attention of established rapper, Wacka Flocka. Ironically Wacka was the artist Keef fashioned himself after and here he was looking to sign Jo Jo. The following is a video about a day in the life of Jo Jo the rapper.

Did you notice how in the video none of the boys are able to stare directly at the camera too long? I wonder if it was for fear of something or someone sneaking up behind them be it cop ot killer? Though I don’t see it as anything good, I can’t help but think of what it foreshadows. I notice this alot in videos with young rappers now-a-days and as a guy that directs music videos it urks me to death!

Joseph Coleman aka “Lil JoJo”

Jo Jo apparently had beef with Lil’ Reese, a rapper who is affiliated with Chief Keef’s possie and took it to the streets. The following video is a “diss track” from Jo Jo entitled 3hunnaK of 300 Killa aimed at Keef and Lil Reese’s clique who openly use 300 as a footnote/hashtag for EVERYthing from Twitter to videos. The song is riddled with blatant threats and gang references.

One would believe that after the studio beef was apparent that Lil Jo Jo would stop there and keep it in the studio, but such wasn’t so in this case as we see an altercation with Jo Jo and Lil Reese as Jo Jo’s people scream taunts from the car.

In the video you could actually hear the threat being made verbally, “Jo Jo I’m gonna kill you!” Sadly, this confrontation ended up deadly as Jo Jo was shot and killed last week shortly after the beef was initiated and that video taken.

Joseph Coleman, known as “Lil JoJo” in the rap world, was gunned down near 69th and Prairie, about a block from where Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson grew up and where her family was slain in 2008.

Witnesses said Coleman, 18, was riding double on a bike — standing on the back — when a car pulled up and someone fired six or seven shots at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Coleman was hit in the back before running to a nearby home, where he later died outside as witnesses screamed “JoJo!” witnesses said.

~Chicago Sun-Times

This blood stain marks the spot where Jo Jo bled out and passed shortly after paramedics arrived.

Memorial made for Jo Jo very close to his home and concurrently where he later died.

Although the killing was constant in Chicago and we had already been named the murder capital of the nation the death of this young rapper to the hands internet beef, rap music and plain ol’ fuckery all-together would start a frenzy among the hip hop community that became more of a blame game and less of an investigation. When Chief Keef got wind of the death of Jo Jo reportedly, he responded as follows via his twitter account:

“Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigga Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.”
~Chief Keef

Keef’s manager, Rovan Manuel, told the Sun-Times he was unaware of the controversy. It wasn’t until being told about the Tweet by the Sun-Times that Manuel realized why his phone rang incessantly Wednesday. His number was posted on Chief Keef’s Twitter page. But Manuel told the Sun-Times he didn’t believe the message meant “anything personally.” He said Keef had a beef with JoJo only because “that kid made songs like Keef.”

Later Keef told reporters that his Twitter account had been hacked and although it is definite possibility, what if it wasn’t? Maybe Chief Keef’s diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome (autism) has something to do with his lack of empathy, but I still felt as if the loss of human life especially someone known to the teen would spark a vastly different response. Even after many would have thought Keef figuratively shot himself in the foot, his twitter account took aim at rapper Lupe Fiasco in a fashion that in years past I have only seen acted out in the streets.

“A lot of the stuff Keef does, that’s just cause he’s a kid,” Manuel said. “People forget that he’s a kid, a teenager … and kids make mistakes. He makes mistakes the hard way.”

~Chicago Sun-Times

I refuse to believe that just because Chief Keef is young that this sort of behavior is excusable. I never would have gotten away with this sort of acting out! My parents would have been at my ass from the first time I said BANG BANG in a song, let alone threatening another artist via the internet which brings me to the first point. I believe if Chief Keef would have had more parent involvement that he probably wouldn’t be digging himself such a deep grave at this, the very beginning of his career.

This kid needs guidance and maybe it isn’t too late yet, but with 2 million in his pocket I doubt that’s a stride in the right direction cause humility aint one of his stronger traits. I see it encouraging that one of his label mates is offering guidance in the form of a father figure, though.

Late Wednesday, rapper 50 Cent Tweeted to Chief Keef: “if you still in new York come see me”
~Chicago Sun-Times

Let’s hope that 50 Cent will be able to touch this kid…shorties like this only recognize money because it is their only love, their only solace. Maybe 50 Cent and his abilities to hustle will help lead this artist (out of pure respect) in the right direction, but for the time being he has reportedly gone on a “Fuck You” tirade of enormous proportions and got a great deal of fans everywhere hating him in dangerous fashion. Whether his account got hacked or not this guy has always been known for talking shit with the hashtag of #300 as a footnote. Those of my Chicago peops know what 300 means. Take a look at how our neighbors in Harvey, IL feel about Mr. Keef.

Speaking of Chicago and gangs alike, we Chicagoans are in the beginning of a very bitter war between the Teachers Union and our current Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Basically the main issue is that the teachers have been dealing without (many don’t have AC machines, tons of classrooms are overcrowded buy at least 10 kids etc.) for so years and now in the event of Rahm’s 1st term as mayor we have added 2hrs to the school day. Here’s where it gets sticky. Adding 2 hours to the work day, 10 hours to the work week, 20 hours to the paycheck and but we are keeping the teacher’s salary the same. That’s right, imagine working 20 plus more hours with no additional pay to your check. Less time with your loved ones with no chance of further compensation.

So how is this a bad thing? Well where are all the children going to go during the strike? Not all parents will home school, yet and still others will not seek alternative schooling options during the strike. If these poor kids wander the streets as they did in the summer months this is perfectly legal because school isn’t in session. Yet, we are now the current murder capital of the nation and it got there not because grown people are murdering other grown people. Kids are killing kids, and we answer that with allowing schools to stay closed because we don’t want to pay teachers their worth? I am sorry but that as dumb a decision as it was to hire this guy in the first place! I don’t know what’s going to happen to Chicago, but as for the hip hop community people are trying to blame music for it. Lupe, one of the more conscious rappers now is having second thoughts about raping as whole.

Later, Fiasco sounded despondent — and done with rap, Tweeting: “but my heart is broken and i see no comfort further along this path only more pain. I cannot participate any longer in this… My first true love was literature so i will return to that…lupe fiasco ends here…”
~Chicago Sun-Times

Thank God not ALL Chicago rappers have taken this approach as Trinity recently released a song/music video with fellow artist Griffen called “Chicago Summer.” The song is all about many of these same subjects I have tackled in this very blog. Directed by APJ Films it shows how some artist are still vowing to use their creativity to change the way things are here in the Windy City.

Beef is something that the industry says sales records, but if money is the only thing that matters and the children fall by the wayside then our fate is sealed. As the late Whitney Houston used to sing so masterfully “Our Children Are Our Future” and if we don’t do what is necessary to preserve their innocence and nurture their academic and physical growth it is over for us all.

The Mother of Lil’ Jo Jo holding up a picture of he and his siblings.

To the family of Jo Jo and ALL those directly effected by the murders of Chicago this summer that has thrust us in the limelight I pray you all are able to mend your wounds. To Chief Keef, Rahm Emmanuel and anybody else that thinks beef is cool to keep and not squash…STOP. Just stop, man. Life is much more pleasing without the threat of people losing their lives. Let this be a warning to you both and he entire nation that our decisions today will and forever effect us tomorrow. Read this, love this, spread this.

Behold…Chicago’s youth. Get it in control parents…or else we are ALL done!

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