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The NSJ Crew – School House Rap (LP)

August 17, 2012

The internet is FILLED with little Rappers. I know you will be surprised, but I don’t mean Lil Wayne and Lil B or any of the guys that call themselves “LIL”. I mean little rappers, literally! 8 – 12 year olds rapping and trying to get themselves heard. Some of them I can’t believe because the things that they are saying are so far from what a kid should be thinking about that it blows my mind and turns me off totally. I can’t stand most of their music, and I feel the parents should just let their kids be kids and grow up naturally.

That being said I was tagged to a music video from my good friend Sydney that made me take notice. Afterwards I felt the need to listen to their album as they have a bandcamp page along with several albums uploaded to choose from. Take a listen and see what you think.

These kids are very talented! Not only are they riding the beat better than cats twice their age but each of them has a style unique to each of their own personalities. I know some 30yr olds that rap with no personality at all lol. I was really stuck on track 7 “Electricity Lesson” because back when I first heard that song on the show, “Electric Company” I was stuck on it as a kid. It was so catchy and so cool at the same time. I got a little older and felt it would make a dope beat but wasn’t making beats at the time. The NSJ Crew freaked that beat hahahaha! I am loving these kids! Check out their music video called “Hot Cheetos and Takis” an adorable song with kids talking about being kids. I can accept this type of rapping from shorties any day!

My only beef with the shorties is that many of the songs sound like they are modeled directly after the music that is big on the radio right now. Understandably, this is a double edged sword because since they are so young I believe they are allowed to sound like their influences and should be applauded for doing it so well. KUDOS! Overall, this is great work from the kids! I want to thank Sydney for introducing me to the music of the NSJ Crew and say that you still have great taste as far as music my lady. To the kids of NSJ keep doing what yall are doing and STAY IN SCHOOL because you will need it in this life.

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