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Chief Keef Claims He “Made It” On His Own Right W/Out Kanye’s Help

August 13, 2012

Two words…Hell No!

Chicago Rapper Chief Keef turned more than just heads back in early summer when the 17yr old got not only a nod and a endorsment from Kanye West for his music, but also a verse from him on a song of his (I Don’t Like) blowing him from the land of mediocrity and obscurity to the land of papa and getting dollars for your craft. It is something all artists want and desperately need at the same time. You would think Chief Keef would admit that he owes fellow Chicago Rapper Kanye West a debt of gratitude for such a look, think again. Read what the young buck said on Twitter yesterday.

So says the people over at HYPEBEAST:

I would have to disagree with Mr.Keef since I never even heard of him until Kanye West decided to drop the, G.O.O.D. Music, remix to his single, “Don’t Like.” How many of you knew of Chief Keef before the remix? This ungratefulness is something I, “DON’T LIKE.” Chief Keef did have a buzz going on his own, but Kanye West definitely helped him.

I know I may need to myself through a few more examples before I go on my tirade so right now, I will do just that. Yes, talent is something that can’t be taught, but likewise getting your foot in the door doesn’t always denote talent. It’s most times who you know, and who knows you. That’s a FACT!

One of my favorite groups in the ever, A Tribe Called Quest brought on one of my other favorite groups in the world Slum Village even after J Dilla was killing on the production side, Lil Bow Wow wouldn’t be making the horrible music he is now unless for Snoop Dogg putting the little baby on stage to rap during his concerts and getting him on. Back when Kanye himself was hungry and shot his heartfelt music video for “Through The Wire” he linked up with then cable access producer Coodie to cut the music video that would blow him up and establish him as a producer/rapper combo to be reckoned with…shortly after, he was signed to a major finally! What is my point? You may have talent, but your not going to go ANYWHERE without that person to let you in, or that person to let you get your foot in the door.
Chief Keef waaaaaay before the fame

There are countless examples I can make to illustrate my point. Some artists deserved it and many did not, but the truth of the matter is that they would not be where they are today without that person to let them in the door. Doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard, doesn’t hint that you are unworthy, it just means if you were selling maybe 50 or so tickets to the local cafe for your show before and after the song with Kanye you are getting booked within the lineup of Lallapalooza and selling out amphitheaters left and right now, maybe you need to STFU and say…thank Kanye. It doesn’t mean your soft…it means you have respect!*sp2R15578*gVzloZMFhm0JDhXnOgI2MdDhnyW8kOLwcSj3YnGYe0w__/chiefkeefrapradar.jpg

Ok so I can end on a high note readers I want to show you guys some comedy lol. This is a Chief Keef Supporter blogged by Streetcode had a little tantrum over those that “HATE” the young man and his “musical endeavors” especially in the past few days. He reminds me of the “Leave Brittany Spears Alone!” fruitcup that had his outburst and blew up a bit ago via twitter hahaha! Watch it and see what you think.

OOOOOOHHH We got a badass here ladies and gentlemen! (holds hands in air) Aaawwwwww wook at the wittle male groupie hahhahahahaha! You guys see yet how music/media shapes minds? This little glasses-less nerd is about to ride or die for a dude that not only doesn’t know him, but can’t rap in the first fucking place hahhaa! That’s that stuff I Don’t Like lol. Read this, love this, spread this.

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