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Vic Spencer – Walk Away Music (LP)

July 31, 2012

Finally it is here. Rapper Vic Spencer finally did the unthinkable for an unsigned artist. He brought together over 12 different producers for a 12 track album and get this…no features. From Tony Baines to Rashid Hadee there is some good shit on this one folks! He is the only cat rapping on this joint. DOPE! Yeah it’s dope alright with more weed songs than you can shake a blunt at. I told you before I love smokers music though, even though I don’t do it (I have other vices) I feel it’s groove for some reason. With punchlines come at you almost like rapid fire it’s a wonder why this guy hasn’t blown up yet.

Ass so fat I aint care if she pass gas/ that’s some foul ass shit dog/ she don’t care for Datpiff Falls/got turned on from her getting off

I love Vic’s flow because it sounds like a long-ass cohesive freestyle. High-smokers flow 🙂 My only beef with the album is the use of the “N” word, I felt it was a bit overboard. Trust me I am not perfect in the effort to relinquish it’s use, but I am trying. I told Vic in person I was going to get him on Grand Theft Audio so I guess that time is coming soon. Oh and take it from me, this guy’s live show is ILL as well…I will release a video soon so be checking for it soon. When you see or hear something in the streets that you would rather not deal with, walk away. When you got a lady/man that you no longer feel or mix with, walk away. When you want to hear some ILL Chicago hip hop with the diversity that comes along with having 12 tracks with over 12 separate producers STRAIGHT UP, NO CHASER…no features, Walk Away Music….read this, love this, spread this.

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