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If I were…I would… : by Rookie_CHI

July 23, 2012

If I were Matt Zimmerman I would start running.
If I were Mitt Romby I would stop running.
If I were a porn star I would not do men.
If I were a pothole in Chicago I would be safe.
If I were a teacher in Chicago I would save my money.
If I were Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel I would kill myself.
If I were Chief Keef I would be on my way to see the Wizard of Oz in search of a brain.
If I were 2 Pac I would be rolling in my grave.
If I were Snoop Dogg I’d be rolling.
If I were crack I’d be wanted.
If I were weed I’d be REALLY wanted.
If I were the U.S. government I would sell and tax weed.
If I was Jay-Z I would be happily married.
If I were Eddie Curry of the Miami Heat I would be in church thanking God EVERY Sunday.
If I were Bishop Eddie Long I would either join the Catholic Church or do porn.
If I were Jesus I would bring Michael Jackson back for 1 more concert.

If I were Mark Zuckerberg I would be counting my money.
But since I am Rookie, I am just finishing with this blog.

Read this, love this, spread this.

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