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5ifth Element – THE 45’S (free beat tape)

July 18, 2012

I love beat tapes but let’s be honest if it’s a million of them out (literally) then I guess one needs to find a way to make the shit stand out right? In this diddy from my man 5th Element has done that with masterful skill with 12 tracks of loviness straight from Chicago along with the grit that comes with doing music out of a basement 🙂 Aiite I don’t know if he made these joints in a basement but I love em! His mastery of picking and cutting samples is uncanny and I look forward to each beat with the same glee children must feel the Eve of Christmas.

The Neck-Breaking beat (my favorite beat on the tape) is track 6 called “Black Happy” and I freestyled to it for the entire 2-3minutes it played for the first time. The other thing that is weird but good about this mixtape are the drops that he has sprinkled throughout are just as entertaining as the beats themselves. He has everybody showing love that he has worked with, broken bread with on the tape and a bunch of them are very funny LOL.

“…I made 5th Element…I made 5th Element, this my beat tape. I aint gotta press the buttons cause I made you…SON! Fuck You!”

~MC Adad

Shouts to 5th For Including me on one of the drops. What an honor. My only bit of critique I got is every now and then I feel a few beats don’t have hard enough drums because I am a fan of the samples being nestled between the bun of a hard-hitting drum patterns. All and all this is a dope piece of work here and worth not only downloading but spreading far and wide. Peep this dudes skills. Look for 5th Element to be coming on Grand Theft Audio along with Mc Adad next Thursday 8pm SHARP. Read this, love this, spread this.

P.S. For all those REAL Rookie TV fans 5th Element was the man behind the beat on the Tiger Woulds skit we did years ago. #Chuch!!!

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