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Dad Pissed Off At Son For Wearing Skinny Jeans (hilarious)

July 17, 2012

“I know your nuts hurt!”

Oftentimes we are filled with the stories of fathers who walk out on their families and let their sons be raised by the lone mother. Though this story is prominent on American televisions, I honestly don’t know where they are coming from! Most the men in my life take care of their own and you can tell because they have tons of “Daddy Stories” as I like to call them. One look at his son’s “skinny jeans” and this particular father took his “Daddy Story” to YouTube hahahaa! Pops goes in on his son about his choice in pants for the day. He talked about the little guy so bad that I wouldn’t doubt it if the lil guy preferred the belt that day. I want to warn you that the following video is wildly hilarious, especially if you are NOT the poor 15yr old featured in it. Prepare for laughter. Read this, love this, spread this.

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  1. July 17, 2012 9:11 pm

    OMG I feel sorry for him. 🙂

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