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From Iron Mike to Black Mike (hilarious)

July 12, 2012

So whatever happened to the Mike Tyson many of us knew? The Mike Tyson that would threaten to eat your kids and copulate in one’s skull? What happened to the Iron Mike that had the Nintendo game?!?!?! Yeah…that one! In the past years for him I like to call them the Post-The Hangover years Mike seems to be showing his softer side. His comedic side? I mean when have we ever seen Mike to be funny? Ok, don’t answer that LOL. His latest business venture is representing an energy drink called, “Black.” Check out this short clip and see if you get a chuckle from it. A guy with a very common problem who gets some very uncommon help.

Funny the craziest thing about that last commercial spot was not the scenario, nor the stretch limo out of nowhere but rather the Black energy drink machine. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU SEEN ONE OF THOSE?!?!?! (ahem) In this next spot, during this horribly sung ballot we find Mike crooning of how scary he used to be, yet the individual you REALLY need to be afraid of is Black, his new little friend.

Evidently nobody is safe from this economic slump, even the stars have to find “creative” ways of making ends meet. God knows Mike needs to, he was a certified baby factory for a while there. Raise those kids homeboy! In the meantime anytime I want to remind myself of Iron Mike the BEAST…I have a DVD in a shoebox in my closet simply entitled “Tyson” that I can pop in an re-visit *sigh. Quiet as kept I STILL wouldn’t want Mike reading this blog right here, c’mon what you think I gotta death wish?

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