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SeVen1 – Death of Drillin’ (music video)

July 9, 2012

“Chief Keef aint comin’ to your funeral and I aint carrying caskets/ These rap N____ aint father figures, you’re better off bein’ a bastard.”

As the summer burns on we Chicagoans are witnessing some pretty lofty numbers as far as weather goes. This heat we are experiencing is something we literally haven’t seen the likes of in years! I love the heat but DAMN! Also, record-wise gun shootings are up as well, each dot on the map below represents a Chicago shooting. Gun violence is at an all time high and the main victims are our youth.

Artists usually speak about what effects them. Whether it is positively or negatively they put raw emotion upon their tracks in hopes that it touches us (the fans) in some way. SeVen1 is an artist that was touched by the violence in his native city of Chicago. Tired of the countless bullets claiming young lives SeVen1 told me via FB, “If its on my heart I’ll put it on paper.” Thank, God he did just that.

Go City Records presents: SeVen1 (@EZY071) – Death of Drillin’ (Official music video) After 40 people were shot and 10 killed over a Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, SeVen1 put pen to paper to address his city’s youth. 

This music video was filmed entirely in Pocket Town, a Chicago neighborhood notorious for gun violence, and where SeVen1 was born and raised. Directed by Leondotcom (@leonchicago) one of my favorites in the music video game for MudWing Films. (@mudwingmedia) This music video has already spoke to many people that understand this epidemic for what it is.

 I can only hope more artists follow his lead.

Look for SeVen1 to be on Grand Theft Audio on Thursday July 19th. This will be one to remember. May Chicago one summer change it’s ways and save the youth in the process. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel how about chilling on the inflated taxes and do something to save our city for God’s sake. When songs/videos are made like this it is a definite cry for help. Read this, love this, spread this.

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    July 19, 2012 6:32 pm


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