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the Kleenrz (Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal) – Filthy (music video)

July 6, 2012
Remember that movie with Samuel Jackson and…..and ….uummm …..Eva Mendesssssssss….Oh’ I am sorry, got a little sidetracked there lol (ahem). Basically in the movie, “The Cleaner” Samuel Jackson’s character had the job of cleaning up after there was a death or a murder after the police have left the scene. Well here we have a hip hop music video that is very close to that same premise but as it relates to music and there are two guys instead of one. Those two guys Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal are… the Kleenrz! “Filthy” delivers us into the seedy world of crime-scene sanitation that is the backdrop for the EP. Art-rap noire featuring MURS, Nocando, Volume 10, Abstract Rude, Subtitle, Gajah, Alpha MC, Shing02, DJ Prolifix and Fanny Franklin. The self-title EP, the Kleenrz is available everywhere July 31st 2012 via Hellfyre Club. Read this, love this, spread this.

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