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The Primeridian x Tall Black Guy Are Darling Lure Presents: Hang On (music video/album)

July 5, 2012

“And Hang On is what we tell the guys/convicted felons that aint gellin’ with their wives.”

What do you get when you add Chicago’s staple group The Primeridian with Detroit born super producer Tall Black Guy? Darling Lure, that’s what. I haven’t heard the entire Darling Lure project but from what I have heard I gather it to be a collection of jazz-inspired hip hop graced with the melodic spitting of this duo. Support good music by getting their new project. Although I am not crazy about the music video, I do however believe the album is a work of art and worth the purchase. Grab the ALBUM HERE! Read this, love this, spread this.


01. Intro In the Mornin
02. Change the Meridian
03. High Noon Stank
04. Bucktown
05. Hang On
06. TakeUThere
07. Countacula
08. Melodic Healing
09. Whistle While You Work
10. Let’s Go
11. Trust
12. Shoutro
13. Love Hurts

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