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Oddisee – Odd Renditions (free download/music video)

May 17, 2012

Many artists from award-winning R Kelly to my (not yet out ra group) the Ol’Days are revisiting the artists of the past even for the marketing aspect of selling music. Being that much of the music we make comes from yesteryear anyway it’s really a good look especially when its done well. I have been a Oddisee fan for much longer than I have known how to spell his name and all I can say is the dude is not only very creative, but a true artist at heart. Here we have a free download for you of a few songs that serve as a prequil to his album that is to be out June 5th called People Hear What They See check out what the boy is workin’ with and see if you don’t wanna pre-order it afterwards.

Right here Oddisee brings Marvin back to life not only in song but video as well in this very creative rendition of Aint That Peculiar. This is the NEW way to sell music people…I am loving it! Read this, love this, spread this.

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