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Back For the 1st Time

April 5, 2012

Yo!! I’m sitting here at work and I’m looking at the beautiful blog and I noticed that I haven’t posted something here in almost a damn year! What kind of fuckery is that on my part?!?!? That’s all my fault but an error that can be quickly corrected. So I’m posting up like Timmy D for the 2 people who actually read stuff that I write (Mom and Hobo Craig).

First off, I know you’ve seen the video that Rookie did for Rashid Hadee callled “Just Wanna Live” feat. Spqher. If you haven’t slap yourself and watch it here:


Dope right? Well that’s how Rook rolls. And he has more heat on the way so stay tuned…

C-Dub and I started a Sports Podcast called BAWL! (Pronounced Ball. If sounds better if you say it in an Avery Johnson voice.) Were are about 4 shows deep, new shows posted every Monday. Check it out at

I have a lot coming up as far as my standup is concerned. Gonna be a busy ass month but I don’t want it any other way. When the next showcase hits (Which will be very soon) I’ll make sure to post it here and everywhere else.

As far as music is concerened, I just got my hands on the new De La Soul project called De La Soul’s Plug 1 & Plug 2 Presents: First Serve. Album is incredible. Love when De La hits the alter ego and keeps it fun

Check out the single called “We Made It” and tell me this doesn’t make you feel good.

Well, I was gonna say more but the boss is coming so I gotta go. I’ll be at GTA tonight recording for Rook and Xtra Manish’s new mixtape so it shoudl be real dope. Till next time, Peace and Always Love


RookieTV son!!!

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