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Chance The Rapper – 10Day (mixtape)

April 3, 2012


Today illRoots dropped Chicago-bred spitter Chance The Rapper’s today and let me tell you it is everything I could expected it to be. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, I guess you will have to read further to find out. I know most of you all are going to want to know who is working with this cat, well this mixtape features and production from Chuck Inglish, The Blended Babies, Tree, Caleb James, Alex Wiley, Vic Mensa and a few more.

WHAT I LIKE: This guy’s talent with the pen and telling stories reminds me of Ice Cube’s Story telling, mixed with Eminem’s (IDGAF delivery/attitude) mixed with a little bit of O.D.B. Hahahaha this shit is really entertaining. His stories of trying to make it, being fucked up and his random conversations with people in his life make it easy to shoot music videos to HINT HINT 😉 Word play is nuts on every recording he makes. Also, Chance’s beat selection is very good especially on the skillfully sampled Prom Night I was enthralled with not only the beat but the story as well. Damn! My favorite song by far was only the second song I heard from this guy but was accompanied by dope visuals and a Doo Wop-esc sample while he supposedly spits 22 “Offs” on a song called “22 Offs” this dude is sick. I am still trying to find out if I mean that figuratively, literally or both lol. Check the video I am talking about below because this is where the cat had me at.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: Artists like Phonte, and Drake prove that the “rapper that sings” demo can fly and do well, but as I have said many times before to my friends and fam alike, I either wanna hear rapping or singing and I rarely pick the latter of the two. Secondly, when I try to connect with an artist and fail I see no problem with that. In contrast, when I connect with an artist and ask them to represent on our show and then the emails/tweets stop, this to me is unacceptable. I understand sometimes especially right before an act/artist blows up time is far and few but dig this…the word “No, but thank you.” go tons further than the silent treatment. I am a big boy, believe me, this isn’t for me it is for Chicago hip hop. It’s for the very fans you wanna reach so……(shrugs)

All that being said I definitely see this mixtape as entertaining and a very good piece of work/snapshot into the life of Chance The Rapper. I highly recommend grabbing this as it is definitely free, but worth some dollars as well. Good shit Chance, get at us if ou can man. We would love to have to on Grand Theft Audio. Shouts to all the producers on the album. Can he spit? YES. Will we get him on the show? Who knows? Will we continue to support real hip hop? HELL YES!!! Read this, love this, spread this.

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