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ThaiOne Davis – Vendredi Noir (music video)

March 30, 2012

Being a consumer is a funny thing, because sometimes you feel serviced, and sometimes at the end of the day you feel used. All and all America is a consumer-based economy and it shows. I was in line for the lottery today. YEAH YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, THE LOTTERY! I never play but the damn jackpot to the Mega Millions is up to 640 Million Dollars! WTF? I could buy self-esteem for that amount lol. One guy said he would get a dumpster full of weed, yet another guy said he would move to Gilligan’s Island, and make his brother work for every penny he have him lol. That being said I was in line ignorantly buying a ticket for the Mega Millions and listening to the many stories in the line about what these people where going to do with their money. As long as those people wait to spend their checks in that line I know they do alot of bonding there! The situation reminded me so much of the frenzy that ensues during Black Friday that I felt the need to make the connection today and grab a Thaione Davis track that I slept on for a long while (dropped Nov. 29th 2011) embodies it perfectly. Thaione is one of Chicago’s most slept on MCs and he also directs music videos, but it’s not because of me…we support him here. Check it out.

Everybody does a list of people you’re gonna hook up when you make “it”, or in this case win the LOTTERY (again…the jackpots at 640 million $$$ by the way) why not make a list of m#$$%@#%s who AINT GONNA GET SHIT FROM YOU IF YOU WIN THE 640 MILLION?!?!?! GO!! Read this, love this, spread this.

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