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Add-2 – Save.Our.Souls. (Album & Trailer)

March 26, 2012

“…Dr. King had a dream and the rest of us fell asleep again.”
Sunday Morning

Add-2 has been doing his thing in Chicago for a long while now and it’s a testament to the struggle that is Chicago. Artists have to go extra hard coming from here. This past Friday my man dropped one of the illest albums I have heard thus far in 2012 no doubt and dubbed it Save.Our.Souls. With production from some of the sough after producers including Slot-A, 9th Wonder and more you at least know this album is worth a listen. Yet, when you do get around listening to it there is a ton of tasty joints in here to choose from.

WHAT I LIKE: This album is good music no doubt, but with a message attached. Racially motivated you can feel Add-2’s frustrations in songs like my favorite song on the entire album “All The Kings” talking about everything from black figures in the community both alive and passed to the drug epidemic. Also check out Modern “Day Coons” and “Cotton Fields” as well if you aren’t frightened by deeper topics and the blunt truth. I LOVE when artists make songs like this because it’s proof that there are still those that care about spreading the truth. What is an Add-2 album without him flexing his comedy muscle? In the song “One Of Them Gurls” the subject spoken about is in the title and that is all I will say about that one LOL. This song is really sick.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: My biggest beef with this album is the gratuitous use of the word “Nigga.” I hate it and I will tell you why. Music is meant to be sung and sung by many if your message spreads to many and your plan works, but here’s where it sucks. I don’t want the moral dilemma of coming to a concert of yours and hearing a white guy besides me singing “Nigga…” besides me. Then what? I say stop using the word in the music period. That point made this album is definitely worth the download and need I say a ten spot as well? Well done Add-2 and if you can come on our show Grand Theft Audio and plug it to the fans on a person to person level, hip hoppers love that type of shit ya know? Read this, love this, spread this.

The trailer to Add-2’s (@ADD2theMC) highly anticipated new project “Save.Our.Souls” presented by LRG (@LiftedResearch) which will be released 3/23/12. Directed by Cam Be (@Camovement)
LRG Presents: Add-2’s “Save.Our.Souls” Trailer (Directed by Cam Be)

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