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Ee’da – Fade to White

February 13, 2012

America has to be honest about a few things when it comes to the way black people act/the way they have been treated. Years and years of horrible treatment and intolerance has ultimately led to a great deal of self-hate. This means black on black violence, in many cases many do away with their natural hair to opt for the perm/weave, yet and still in some cases this even means bleaching of the skin. In Fade to White, a brilliantly executed spoken word piece by Ee’da she touches on this very painful phenomenon as my man, musician Apuat En Heru – Jonathan Woods composed the chilling music that we hear as Ee’da spits the truth. I love how the director creates a eye-catching visual that either shocks the masses, or gets them to thinking a little bit differently. Either way…the piece is powerful and sends a very honest message. Love thyself, happy Black History Month. To all that wanna take attention away from it, embrace it, and to the people that make a big deal out of it being every day and not just a month, CELEBRATE IT! Read this, love this, spread this.

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