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Rookie TV Celebrates: Don Cornelius (host/creator of Soul Train)

February 3, 2012

“He’s only 4 feet tall, and you’re looking at a small person who can do anything he wanted to do onstage — with his feet or his voice,” “To get to the level of people who can do that, you’re talking about James Brown as a performer. You’re talking about Aretha Franklin as a singer. Michael was like that as a kid. He did it all, within the framework of one package. Nobody else did that.”

I can remember waking up late on Saturday mornings and after cartoons seeing a show on TV that actually featured black people on it and wondering how I could be apart of it. That show was called Soul Train and along with being ratings-topper, it started a movement as far as dance shows on tv went and took the nation by storm. Don Cornelius was the creator and mellow-voiced host that brought it to us first on humble beginnings at my former job WCIU in Chicago then later it went national and became a house-hold success. It was before American Bandstand and paved the way for shows like Rap City, 106th and Park and TRL. It soon became the longest running show on TV and didn’t stop there. We lost a valuable member of the world of broadcasters and hosts alike. The following clip is a CLASSIC episode where Don (a host known for NEVER dancing on his show) actually got in the Soul Train Line. Check it out and let’s remember.

From starting trends in music/fashion to even broadcasting, we salute Don for what he did. His influence still lives on in everything we do from black to white people.
If you would like to see the report upon Don Cornelius’ police report HIT THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

I am working on a solo project with my dudes where it is half hip hop and half comedy and we are using all OJays samples on the joint. We call ourselves “The Ol’ Days” and I believe it will be EPIC because the songs are dope so far. It is a little known fact that Don Cornelius’ favorite band was “The OJays” so in honor him and they, here they are in an early performance on the Soul Train. Read this, love this, spread this.

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