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Grand Theft Audio Show #13 GUEST: Muck Luter

January 13, 2012

Last night was show #13 of our on going hip hop show Grand Theft Audio and it was one hell of a night from the get go. For one 2 of our guests canceled on us but good thing for us Mick Luter was still planning on showing up and ripping the web cam. Only one problem…6-8 inches of snow here in Chicago and that crap is hard as hell to drive in! I barely made it myself that night to the studio. Check out part 1 as we show you what Chicago elements look like up close and mess around with our mascot Nat X while we await the arrival of Mick Luter.


Dj Jelify aka @Xtra_Manish gets a candid interview from me as I delve into life as a dj/producer who raps and is on the cusp of dropping a few new projects. Xtra_Manish really is an interesting cat and most may not know because he is always behind the dj tables cutting it up but I felt it needed to be done and I am glad we did.

During every show Dj @Xtra_Manish blesses us with a dj set and this one was no exception. With Mick Luter in the crib awaiting his interview we listened to the sounds of Xtra_Manish on the wheels playing the oldies and where they were sampled from. What a treat!

Last but certainly not least the great Mick Luter tells us in the interview of his love for hip hop and music as a whole and what makes Chicago artists different from the norm. Then plays a few tracks from his collection and drops a freestyle or two for the cypher we had. Damn this was a great show, check it!

Just got off the phone with Mick just now and let me tell you he is planning on bringing a few more guests our way to the show as he had a very good time while he was here. Check the show out in its entirety and make sure to catch us LIVE each and every Thursday from 10pm – 12am Central Time, or 11pm – 1am Eastern Time! Read this, love this, spread this.


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