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Wu Tang LIVE at Chicago’s Congress Theater

January 9, 2012


Last night thanks to Psalm One I was invited to check out the Wu Tang show at Chicago’s Congress Theater. The show was bananas but the wait was crazy. I am not as young as I used to be and to stand that amount of time without sitting down took it’s toll on my middle-aged back but the spoils were great! ILL Legit took to the stage first and had a pretty good set despite those waiting for the Wu Tang who had no respect for the opening acts.


Psalm One killed it if you ask me and thats not just because she hooked me up with access, but because she commanded a crowd who had no idea who she was. They wanted to see Wu Tang, but before her set was over people in the crowd where singing her praises right in front of me.

Que B.I.L.L.A.H

Next, Que B.I.L.L.A.H took to the stage and was the lucky artist that was right before the main act. He along with his live band absolutely massacred the audience as I have never before seen him do in a Chicago performance. The show was phenomenal and worthy of praise. Keeping true to a steady barrage of free music and posters being belted out into the crowd Que Billah made sure no one forgot about his new album that was out and even did a track or two from it.

One thing that is prevalent in hip hop concerts where there are performers from out of town is local acts will get no love because the fans want to see the main attraction. This concert was no exception to that belief as the crowd was chanting “WU TANG” every chance they got. I feel for the artists, but this is so common especially in Chicago.


The Wu finally hit the stage and the main thing I was surprised about was the same thing I believe people around me were surprised about…the WU’s main members were actually there! DOPE!!! The show was outstanding and a blessing for all who saw.




The show was great, but at the end of the day I found myself leaving early because I ran out of battery power and I also wanted to beat traffic out of the place. I definitely can say anyone that missed the show should be ashamed as it was a culmination of Chicago and Wu Tang acts done tastefully and a touch of that BOOM BAP feel I get when I go to old school concerts. Dope. Read this, love this, spread this.

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