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Heavy Rotation Was a BLAST!!!

January 4, 2012

Once a month the Heavy Rotation Family throws one of the tightest live hip hop events known to Chicago called Heavy Rotation. Hosted by Rookie TV the event features some of the hottest unsigned acts from Chicago and the surrounding cities for a culmination of hip hop that can make any head overdose. Last month there was ESOHEL, The Primeridian and headliners Urbanized Music who graced the stage and gave the fans a show of a lifetime. This song right here was one of my favorites of the night and featured Dee Jackson of the 80s Babies. Check it out.

Urbanized Music tore the stage apart that night and thanks to DJ BVAX’s camera and my camera skills we got it on film. Check out this next cut from the trio and see if you don’t become a fan as well.

During the intermissions at Heavy Rotation oftentimes the Djs have to switch Dj equipment and that means to music but the show must go on so here is a great example of how intermissions go at Heavy Rotation as ANG 13 Spits a freestyle over me B-Boxing on the mic. This right here is priceless.

If you are located in Chicago, Heavy Rotation comes to you once a month via Cafe Lura on 3184 N. Milwaukee. It happens the second Friday in every month and always features a few acts at a time and is hosted by the very funny Rookie TV. We hope to see you next week at the next one. Let’s start the New Year off right! Heavy Rotation! Read this, love this, spread this.

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