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9th Wonder’s Sucky Interview

November 9, 2011

In my experience with being a producer and seeking interviews I have gotten many different interviews in many ways and gotten even more excuses as to why I could NOT get an interview. On this particular night my partner and I were blessed to receive tickets from a producer friend of mine named Ki (key) as he was to be in the beat battle that night. One of Ki’s main influences is 9th Wonder and he was gonna be in the house. (Both Ki and 9th Wonder are pictured above) Ki ended up winning the beat battle with no contest in sight and I took that photo you see at the top. Seconds later I asked 9th for an interview and he let me know about how tired he was and what his schedule was like and I understood. Minutes later I walked out after having a beer having missed a great opportunity to talk to a hip hop great and I saw him doing guess what? Giving an interview. (Flavor Flav wow) Wooooooooooow. To top that of the interview sucked monkeyballs because the chick didn’t know or give a shit who 9th Wonder was enough to ask a logical question. Enough venting…I will let you be the judge.

What did you think? Was that a good interview to you? She looked nice with that mic in her hand and those high heels though. Let me stop it and be nice. Oh well, missed opportunity but I see a bit more about the nature of man…people change as their situations do. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. (shrugs) Bg up to Ki for winning the battle that night. Big things are headed your way bro because your talent is amazing. Here are a few pics I took from that night. If you need photos done, hit me up at , serious inquiries ONLY.

9th Wonder

Freddie Gibbs

Mick Luter

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