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Best Video Game Themes

October 25, 2011

The theme is a very important factor to the success or failure of a game. Back in the day it was the first inclination as to whether you would like a game or not. Before gaming sites and magazines.

One of my favorite video game themes of all time was from Mega Man the video game I rented from Block Buster one weekend as a kid and damn near didn’t return it Hahaha! The level is for the boss Flash Man and this beat was always Bananas to me.

Another classic game was Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. In this guy’s heyday he had his ugly mug on everything from Video Games to commercials. Go figure. I love the themes here because each boss had a different theme that correlated with his nationality. DOPE!

Altered Beasts was one of my favorite games of all time! The characters on the game would go from being skinny to buff with the use of flying orbs and even turned into animals if you collected 3 of them. Ironically the best music on there was the Game Over music…sometimes I would die on purpose just to listen to it LOL.

Duck hunt was dope as well, understated but ILL! ShoutOut to that dumb ass dog who would laugh everytime you missed.

Super Mario Brothers was a game that got increasingly better with each new title, but I will always remember the theme for the 2nd one πŸ™‚ Epic!

Double Dragons Theme was so complex it actually could have been used for a movie or a rap song. I love it when it breaks down the best!

I never even heard of this game before but my friend Jennett gave me this title and I liked it alot when I heard it. See what you think.

I spent TONS of hrs trying to conquer this game so I know all the levels and consequently all of it’s music. The Themes on this game were amazing. The my gameplay was less amazing LMAO!

I NEVER played Zelda, just never seemed like much fun to me, but the theme is dope. Check it out.

I can remember spending hours of bonding time with my dad playing this game. It was equal matched because sometimes I would win and sometimes he would win. I remember this theme and smile because those times were great.

It doesn’t get much more old school than Tetris. Surprisingly this Russian Themed theme is dope to me, but I have always loved it! GO NINTENDO!!

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