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The Best “Talk Over The Track” Songs

September 30, 2011

Song is one hell of a thing. It is a motivator, it is a pacifier, it is a catalyst. Back in the 70s something that was done a ton but got forgotten was “speaking or talking over tracks.” It is a lost art because radio says a song can’t be over a certain length and the artists obey. But back in the 70’s if you wanted to say something before the actual song on the track…you could.

Heartbreak is a motherfucker and a hell of a motivator as far as song-writing goes. I know a little something about song-writing from experience when I worked on Rookie TV’s 1st Album. Here, one of the best in the game Isaac Hayes talks about a poor fool who gets cheated on more times than I can count yet still loves the woman. Hmmmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it? This guy isn’t just “Chef” on SouthPark, he also was the reason your parents got together and made you in the 1st place 😀

I want to first say Rest in Peace to Teddy Pendagras before you press play on this one. The guy knew how to shout a song. Most people sung songs, he “Shouted” songs and made millions. Ladies loved him. This is a song he did with his guys Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. I love this one. It’s all about a lady he was with that was acting a little too stuck up. Enjoy.

Again I want to say Rest In Peace to this guy, the hardest working man in showbiz PERIOD. The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. He actually did give a care about lyrics, even though most times we didn’t know WTF the guy was saying half the time, in this song he spoke upon the epidemic that was the Heroine Rush of the inner city of America. Seem deep? Well it is.

Betty Wright is one of America’s most prolific artists. You can’t go off album sales or the time in which they lived because artistry lives through. I wanna thank my mom for this one, I feel so connected with her after her choice in this son lol. NOW NEVER GIVE ME SOMETHING LIKE THIS EVER AGAIN MOM!!!!

If you can remember more songs like this with monologues hit us up. Thank you for reading. Love yall. Read this, love this, spread this.

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