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Parents please, whip your kids!

October 21, 2009

When was the last time you were in a store and saw a kid having a temper tantrum? What were your thoughts about the situation? Did you put yourself in that parents shoes and vow that your offspring would neva act a fool like that? Well it happens all the time, in fact every time I go food shopping (especially at the first of the month) I see this all the time.

There are many ways to handle this situation, but one must take into consideration the circumstance. In the video we just saw a kid in public totally doing the fool because his father won’t let him have something he really wants. Familiar situation right?
Kids having these tantrums are a fact of life and they happen more than not in certain households. When thinking of how to remedy something like a temper tantrum I can remember running a show at work called the Supernanny. Her methods though so different than what I was used to were often effective.

The infamous naughty corner is a concept that as a black man cracks me up because its not how I was brought up. My mother and dad although they didn’t have to often put the smack down when I was acting out for no apparent reason. The Bible states it “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” My mom said it, “I brought you in this world and I can take you out!” These are phrases that do a bit more than hint toward an ass beating. This is something I knew about but didn’t receive many. Hell, they didn’t have to because the roots were already planted deeply in the soil.
I knew my parents weren’t going for certain shit because the respect was there, because I got my ass whipped. Now, it was never without fair warning and many times I got lit up because there was no other way, but again, I did not have to get many in my lifetime being a male and all. So then is it that it is a race issue?

We know these differences in strategies of discipline changes with race and culture, but is it more likely for a certain race to have more problems with their kids because of the way they reer their kids or is this just an insignificant observation that is biased even from the premise? Look at this clip of another tantrum, a young child is upset because his mother canceled a child’s account to a popular video game. It happened to me before, not surprisingly I didn’t act this way. My dad woulda let me tire myself out, then tore me up!

I swear I was thinking this was a race thing, because being outside I see differences. I don’t see black people using leashes on their kids, but I don’t see white parents whipping their kids in public. So I chalked this up to be just a cultural difference that is until I saw this video and totally had to re think my theory.

Sadly that entire altercation came from a pack of Ramen Noodles, now it is apparent to me that this was something much deeper than the 20 cent pack of noodles and that the fat kid’s brother was just the camel that broke the camel’s back, but did you see the blatant disrespect afterward calling everyone in the house “Bitches!?” I proved to myself that it is not a thing of race, and I have learned, but what I want parents to learn is that tantrums will happen and its normal. Doesn’t mean your a bad parent at all. But our reactions to these fits of anger is what separates the good parents from the ones that are negligent. People, sometimes a good ol ass whipping is all the doctor ordered. A little fear goes a long way, because when coming from you, its actually translated as respect. I got mine whipped, and my son will as well when he messes up after Ive told him several times what is the deal and the naughty corner doesn’t suffice. Whip that ass!

Whenever you have a subject that is as sensitive like disciplining a child you are gonna have tons of viewpoints. mine is only one and doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t understand or respect other viewpoint. I understand the time out, just as I understand a good old fashioned ass whipping, but what needs to be said is that there is a line that you don’t cross and abuse to a child is NOT an option. Here are a few pictures compliments of my friend Ms. Foxy from FB of parents who take the whippings way too far.

Thanks Ms Foxy, for letting your people and me know about the injustices against children happening everyday. I know I started with this being something lighthearted, but abuse is something that is inhumane and needs to be addressed. I may be an advocate for whipping a child, but by no means should that lead to abuse. Above all else parents, do your damn jobs. Parenting is never easy, even after they move out. Its a lifetime gig, if you cant take it, don’t sign up. Simple as that.

Yo, Chill, daddy loves you man.

Read it, enjoy it, spread it.

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  1. Lou permalink
    October 23, 2009 1:51 am

    WTF? One minute per year of age? How ’bout one smack on the ass wit’ a fuckin’ belt per year of age? Gotdamn naughty corner…fuck outta here wit’ that. All that damn cryin’…When I got my ass whipped…I cried…Oh yea’ nigga…I cried…But I slept good as a motherfucka after that shit! And woke up humble as hell.

    Ass whippin’ >Naughty Corner

    • john doe permalink
      March 24, 2011 9:30 am

      yeah .. i got my ass whooped like once a week… works!! let me tell you ….hahh i agree wit lou shit….slept good as hell after

  2. Tash Alistair permalink
    December 27, 2012 3:21 am

    Dude, hell yes, i grew up poor as hell, and i didn’t ever have shit. i lived out on acre after acre of famland, and if i showed my ass, id have to cut my own hickory, or pick a belt, and take my ass whuppin like a man. reality, i didn’t screw around much more as a kid, and i learned respect. my parents didn’t teach me a damned thing, couple of druggies. i learned everything from my grandpa, and i learned good. i see these kids throwing tantrums at walmart and the like, hell no…parents, beat your damned kids, they will thank you one day.

    oh, and yeah, i dont know if its a race thing or not, but im whiter than sour cream, got my ass whipped a few rounds, and now i know how to and how to not act, because my grandpa was a smart man, and knew how to deal with a problematic child, and i never even saw a time out. do not compromise with a bad kid. whip.that.ass.

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